Projects description:

2015/2016- CEI by ZIPOR asked our students to create a machine for small businesses to customize shoes with affordable price.
2015/2016- FORD Motor Company challenged our students to find a method of alternative transportation that would be acceptable to pedestrian areas, possibly leveraging autonomous vehicle technology.
2015/2016- IKEA Industry asked our students to create a revolution in massive scale wood furniture production.
2015/2016- Worten asked our ME310 students to revolutionize the after sales service in all their stores across the county.
2015/2016- BERG Cycle asked our ME310 students to look for new mobility solutions in urban commuting.

2016/2017- IKEA Industry has asked our students to revolutionize mass production of more organic shapes in wood furniture.
2016/2017- SONAE MC – Continente asked our students to think of different ways of breaking space boundaries in their Continente stores to create a better shopping experience for customers.
2016/2017- SPORT ZONE asked our students for an innovative solution to reinvent the front store.
2016/2017- SILAMPOS has asked our students to revolutionise the way people cook or prepare food.


2017/2018 – IKEA Industry has asked our students to eliminate drilling in wood furniture mass manufacturing.

2017/2018 – GENERALI has asked our students to unleash the potential of our costumer portal for young families and young professionals customers.

2017/2018 – NOKIA has asked our students “What is the Next Generation of Project Management?”

2017/2018 – SONAE MC has asked our students to optimize the end-to-end shopping transportation experience in our food retail business.

2017/2018 – WORTEN has asked our students to pack and move merchandise throughout the supply chain, from the warehouse to the store shelfs, ensuring resources and lead time optimisation.

2017/2018 – TRIWOOL has asked our students to develop a fully circular and sustainable knit garment product with competitive production costs.

2017/2018 – Phillip Morris International has asked our students to design a Smoke Free World.