ME310 Spring Period (3 of 3): Global Team-Based Design Innovation 3

Student interdisciplinary and international teams work on innovation challenges proposed by corporate partners, learning and applying the Stanford/IDEO design process in product development to prototype, test and iterate to solve real world design challenges for multinational corporate sponsors. Through the projects, students go through an intense and iterative process of needfinding, ideation, and rapid prototyping to create and develop new product concepts. Company involvement provides the reality that is important for teams to improve their innovation abilities. In the end, teams deliver functional proof-of-concept prototypes along with in-depth documentation that not only capture the essence of designs but the learnings that led to the ideas.


April 2018: Design Requirements Checkpoint
April 2018: “X is ready” Prototype
April 2018: System Integration and Function
May 2018: Penultimate Hardware Review
June 2018: SUGAR EXPO (at Silicon Valley)
June 2018: Final Presentations + Documentation
June 2018: Open Day with Industry (at Porto)
June 2018: Project Handover to Corporate Partners